Vincentians are entirely volunteer. Your contributions go directly to those in need and may be used to help keep a mother and her children warm on a winter night, or feed an elderly man who has just gotten out of the hospital. Vincentians do not give cash to those in need but rather go to the homes of those who call to help assess their needs and provide financial assistance in the form of rent, utilities, transporation, furniture, etc.

Through your contributions we are able to aid people in desperate times in their lives. Your continued financial assistance will help anyone who is in real need: the children, the homeless, the elderly and the hungry.

All our work is performed by volunteers. Your donation does not go to overhead—nearly 100% of your monetary donation goes directly to aid those in need.

Please see our WISH LIST.

Donation Methods

  • Secure PayPal Method

    Donate Now Using secure PayPal
  • Traditional Mail

    If you prefer to send your donation directly, print out the donation form and mail to:

    St. Vincent de Paul Sacramento Council

    P.O. Box 162487, Sacramento, CA 95816-2487


Give The Gift of Hope

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